Arsenal vs Liverpool Preview

Liverpool will very much want to forget the last time they played Arsenal at the Emirates.They were out played in the first half and took 4 while scoring a consolation goal from the penalty spot.Emre was also sent off in the 84th minute after a ridiculous foul on Welbeck.

The circumstances are different this time as Liverpool have a 3 point lead on Arsenal.They are yet to concede a goal in league play and have a different look up front.Benteke is a player that has caused Arsenal so many problems while at Aston Villa.His size is a major problem for the Arsenal defense.On the other hand Liverpool has lost the speed of Sterling which has been very troubling for the high Arsenal defense as well.

So Liverpool can take advantage on one on one isolation of Benteke with the Arsenal central defenders.Coutinho can be a threat coming from the middle.We have seen Arsenal give away possession and punished in the last third.Meanwhile Liverpool will need to account for counter attacking football.Arsenal has an advantage with the way they counter attack.This present squad has been stable as opposed to the ever changing Rodger’s squad.The stability brings lots of understanding between players

Liverpool’s defense has not been improved from last season.Although they are yet to concede a goal,their performances have been average.They were lucky against Bournemouth last Monday.A goal was disallowed in Liverpool’s favor and an offside goal allowed in their favor.

Ozil has been challenged by Wenger to score more goals.Guess Wenger picked the right moment to remind him of his wonderful free kick against Liverpool.It was breathe taken and a great performance for the world cup winner.

Arsenal will be boosted by rumors of Benzema coming to the emirates.A fee of 48 million pounds is reportedly to have been accepted by Real.Walcott and Giroud are on the alert.If he arrives,how long can they keep him on the bench?They will need some of the positive energy after losing their first game of the season at home.It’s Monday night football

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