Rarely does a team win and i start by giving credit to management. Sporting directors who did the deal for Raketic, Suarez and Neymar. Those are Barcelona’s three scorers of the day. Neymar in his second year has shown that it was money well spent. He is so humble and enjoys his role under the leadership of Messi. Raketic another

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Transfer Market heats up

Raheem Sterling is making waves as he reportedly ask for a transfer. His agent has also been vocal with the issue. He said no amount of money will keep Sterling at Liverpool. Liverpool is a club that has refused exit to Suarez before and can exercise that on Raheem as well. Will it be worth the trouble? I don’t think

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Who is to blame

Who is to blame, for the flames Flames keep rising Flames setting the place ablaze Yet no clue who took the maze Who is to blame as we panic Fingers pointing in all directions But not our direction Flames keep rising No one ready to shoulder the blame of flames The blame game more rampant People too smart, painting black

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