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Transfer Market heats up

Raheem Sterling is making waves as he reportedly ask for a transfer. His agent has also been vocal with the issue. He said no amount of money will keep Sterling at Liverpool. Liverpool is a club that has refused exit to Suarez before and can exercise that on Raheem as well. Will it be worth the trouble? I don’t think

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Chelsea comfortably win their 4TH EPL tittle

Chelsea started the season strongly when every other team struggled. Mourinho’s second term at Chelsea is finally paying off. Last season Mourinho had a disappointing start and finish. He had all that corrected this time around. Cesc, Costa and Matic were the players that really stood out in the first half of the season. Matic made the team click from

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De Gea Hard to argue with this choice. De Gea has a weak defense but has been tough infant of strikers. He has made many saves in close games. His play has kept ManU in many games and he is one of the reasons they actually sit 4th now Terry has been great this season. He plays for a manager who

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