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Messi back to the best

Messi had a deep of form last season and just after world cup. Most attributed it to the attention and focus he was putting on the world cup . Messi’s numbers at the start of the season were a direct reflection of his poor form, given his standards. 2015 has been a totally different year. Luis Enrique rift with the

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#CMR:Fecafoot Root Of All Evil

No beautiful structure can stand on a bad foundation.Since 2010 i have been even harder on Fecafoot than before.It’s a mafia with bad laws that rule Cameroon football.The results are there to show how incompetent they are.Elections are scheduled for February the 25th.J.A BELL and Jules Nyonga are two candidates that have refused to go into elections without a change

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Song-less Lions

This is the game I have been waiting to see Cameroon play.We were outplayed in the first half by a physical and tactical side.Mali was way better with Keita controlling that midfield.Mali made great use of the left wing with Sako running the show Sako is bigger and used his frame well.Mali played hard m in with the space left

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