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Who is to blame

Who is to blame, for the flames Flames keep rising Flames setting the place ablaze Yet no clue who took the maze Who is to blame as we panic Fingers pointing in all directions But not our direction Flames keep rising No one ready to shoulder the blame of flames The blame game more rampant People too smart, painting black

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Fake friends

They Smile in your face but nothing good to say They Smile in your face with negativity all over them It’s the world we live in, The people we hang with Cowards never ready to face you up front Fake friends always close to you Posing, wasting energy on fake smiles No courage to voice their thoughts But fool no

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Football and Love

Football and love Football a game so beautiful Passion, art where skill reigns Passion, gamesmanship where talent prevails Football and love. Barca so beautiful, tiki taka on display Messi the leader of the beautiful orchestra Just another day at the Camp Nou Football and love Chelsea on the chase The highway, not an option Mourinho parks the bus at bus

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